After taking my first photography class in college, working and living behind the camera and darkroom, I knew I found something special. More self taught in the early stages, I built my own darkroom and explored the art and beauty of photography, but more precisely, Black and White photography. I quickly formed my own idea of aesthetics and constantly searched for ideas and inspiration to move more deeply into my own art. Having gone thru the stages of shooting film, alternative processes, digital and now Wet Plate Collodion, I feel a more profound affinity to the work I am creating. More than ever before, working on creating an image is so much more satisfying.

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My work is ever evolving, more now than in a long time because I am trying to master the Wet Plate Collodion process. My practice in making a photograph has changed because of the technique involved in creating the plate is so vastly contrary to creating what is now, traditional. The Wet Plate Collodion is a technique that is over 150 years old. The use of raw chemicals and materials has its advantages because when all is said and done, you don't need an expensive camera, computers and software, or even a printer to enjoy the final product.I love the fact that this process is so textural and involved. The idea of creating a piece of work with your own hands is validated by seeing a one of a kind floating image on a tin plate or glass. To really appreciate its subtlety and grace, you have to see one in your own hands and eyes.
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